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Two Video clips of the Debunking PCOS e-course

Presented in two segments, you’ll learn how to really understand your body’s own signs and symptoms around hormone health, hormone imbalance alongside Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Whether you have PCOS, wondering if you have hormone imbalance or simply want to learn more about yourself as a woman, this information is invaluable – you won’t find it taught in schools (yet!!), but I believe education is power and allows all women to make informed decisions around their health and wellness.

In the e-course, you’ll find it packed full of golden nuggets of information including:

  • debunking PCOS – how to understand your cycle (or lack of)
  • myths and truths of PCOS
  • why PCOS happens
  • how to get your body back on track
  • how to heal PCOS
  • life beyond PCOS (including babies)

Your copy of Fertilise Yourself

Fertilise Yourself
My first book, Fertilise Yourself has all the tricks and tips to set your body up for a fertility overhaul. As you’ll learn, diet and lifestyle are the foundation of fertility. Not only does this book include information such as how much sleep you need or how much alcohol is ok, there are also 25 of my favourite hormone boosting recipes to get you on your fertile way!

Debunking PCOS Information

All the information you’ll see in the e-course including the slides and notes shared.

Access to the Fertilise Yourself Mini Site

This mobile friendly site contains all of the recipes from my book in an easy to navigate ‘app’ type site, making it even easier to put these principles into practice.


Once you’ve purchased Debunking PCOS, access to the site is UNLIMITED and you’ll be able to access this information forever (please understand you can open it on no more than 3 different devices). This means you can revisit the information as many times as you like to really grasp the material.

Purchase Debunking PCOS here and dive deep into the syndrome, hormone health and how to become the best version of you. Access is just $57.

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